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We closed on our house in February 10, 1997 and moved in on March 4, 1997. The purpose of this page is to show some of the changes that have been wrought -- both by Mother Nature and by us -- during the past years.

Front of House in 1997
Aside from the obvious change of season, there is a new roof, new paint, and removal of a large mountain ash tree that was killed by girdling of its bark by the woodpeckers.
Front of House 2006
Southwest corner 1997
Notice how the Dr. Merrill Magnolia on the corner of the house has grown as has the cypress at the corner of the sunroom. The front of the house is newly painted in this shot.
Southwest Corner August 2006
Back walk - spring 1997
Winter 2004
A new maple and linden tree stand to the left of the house. The wing of the house shows the mildew that lead to its being repainted that following summer. The edge of the new garage is just visible at the right side of the photo on the right.
Back walk -Winter 2004
Back walk June 2006
These pictures -- one looking toward the deck and the other back toward the garage --highlight the new stone walkway and patio that replaced the crushed stone walk and wooden deck.
Facing the garage
back from the East
This photo looks one last time at the back walk as it appeared in August 2006. In this picture you can see the new bulkhead that replaced the one shown in the original view of the picture. Above the bulkhead you can see the new windows that replaced the old 1940's wooden windows during our 1997 remodeling of the house. The three new trees we added at the back of the house are visible in this picture: (1) a Japanese lilac at the left, (2) a Greenspire Linden near the back door, and a Norway maple at the right edge of the picture.

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